Is that all there is

If that’s all there is then let’s keep dancing!

My life changes continually, in part because of teachings, trainings, seminars, life experiences, search, research, meditation, consternation, dreams, discussions, and just by living in World that seems both real and unreal at the same time.

Somehow, I have made it my path to find how to gain meaning from the discovery that life has no meaning.

Now, don’t get me wrong; every life is precious and has intrinsic value. But it is the perspective that makes the meaning.

Hence, the paradox: is that all there is? If so keep dancing! Life is what we make it. We find our power on the power we give ourselves. When we feel broken, we are broken.

Then, we give ourselves the power to fix ourselves. It is as simple as that. But how? By recognizing that there is no objective judge outside of ourselves. We are our own judge. When we are ashamed of our own actions, we are ashamed of ourselves and lose all of our power.

And why do we do this? Because we compare ourselves to somebody else’s view of what is good and proper. We must conform. We must be different. Don’t make waves.

Translation? Give your power to someone else? How silly! We find our power deep inside, where it has always been. But we have made life so complicated that we can’t find it anymore. It is individual. It is our own. It is no one else’s.

And that, my friends, is all there is! So let’s keep dancing.

To do this, we must each find our own peaceful light. Stay tuned to my next few posts, where I will talk about my peaceful light, and help you find your peaceful light.