Paradise Found – My Day as Guest Reader!

A Peaceful Rainbow

Hi all!

It was a really great day today, with sessions all afternoon.  I was at the premier “good vibes” store in Santa Barbara: Paradise Found.  You may find them here. Today I saw a variety of clients, some returning and some new! I had a blast, and walked out of their really zoned.  There is much beauty in being a witness to people’s transformation.  Being present for people who are in their own personal transition from one state to another is remarkably rewarding.  We all have experiences that seem very real, and very immediate.  These can be emotional, mental, relational – they could involve jobs, significant others, family, friends.  But mostly it is all about how we look at ourselves.  It is our own perspective about our jobs, family, friends, etc., that controls our feelings, and determines whether we are happy or filled with anxiety.  Stuff happens and it is our reaction to that stuff that determines our fate.

And I like to think that the fate of the precious people that showed up today at Paradise Found were impacted for the better.  So to those whose change I was privileged to witness, thank you!! It was an honor to be in the presence of such wonderful souls. I thank each of you for your trust and your belief.  Many blessings…