Does Worrying Help or Hurt…

The lead story on CNN’s website when I read it this morning was about how “Hard times hit heartland.”  This is the kind of story that troubles me the most in the news today.  The slant of these articles is that we are in tough times; we are going to experience tougher times, and woe be us who try to live in these tough times.  The news is pessimistic and discouraging, and seems to be calculated to inspire depression in all who read it.   

And it’s not bad enough that this story is the headline today.  So we must watch them wring their hands in public and tell us that they are the candidates to help us through these particularly tough times.  Am I heartless enough to discard the  troubles and worries of the day?  To discount the pain that has hit Marengo, Iowa and so many other cities and towns across our nation?  

Of course not! Compassion is the order of the day.  It always is.  To the people who have lost their jobs in Marengo, I wish only the best: that they have love and comfort in their lives, joy and happiness.  

But Daniel, times are tough!  How can we have love and comfort, joy and happiness?  

By recognizing that times may be tough, but they are also wonderful!  Look around the world. It is easy for us to ignore stories that could bombard us everyday. Desolation and destruction in Darfur.  Genocide in Rwanda. Gang violence in our cities and homeless shelters not big enough to care for the needy.  The list goes on and on of the woes and troubles of our world.  

But this is every day news.  Nothing has changed.  In the ups and downs of our existence,there always seem to be people who are on the up and people who are on the down.  These crises we have in our nation today are shifting the line between these sets of people, temporarily.  People are struggling now,when they didn’t before.  But also, there are people who are not struggling.  Babies are being born, businesses are continuing.  Sure, people are getting divorced, but others are getting married.  Some are dying, but some are living.  Some are crying and some are laughing.

There are always reasons to cry.  It is our job to find the reasons to laugh.  And this is what will cure our economy.

Take for example a  subject that I learned in macroeconomics in college.  Now admittedly, this was not my favorite subject and I did not go on to be an economist.  But I did remember this lesson very well.  

There is a relationship described between inflation and the unemployment rate.  This is known as the “Phillip’s Curve.”  It was developed and used to model the rate at which people lost their jobs as a function of the current inflation rate.  But in the 1970’s, this curve failed to predict accurately the rate of unemployment, and so the formula was revised.  

The true relationship was found to be between the unemployment rate and the expected level of inflation.  Let me rephrase that.  The actual rate of inflation was not as good an indicator as the guesses that people had about future inflation.  As people’s expectations of the future economy worsened, the actual unemployment rate grew.  In other words as people thought the economy was in trouble, more people lost their jobs.  So inversely, if more people thought that the economy would do better, then more people would be hired. 

Now I get to talk about Quantum Physics and how the world works.  A major thesis of mine is that we create the world we live in.  Matrix Energetics® and other modalities to bring about health and change in the world act on the “reality” that nothing is real.  At the quantum level, we are popping in and out of existence at an infinite rate.  What we perceive as solid objects are 99.99% empty void.  Using this view, we are finding that we can effect change and transformation by encouraging reformation at a molecular level.  And how do we do this?

By tapping into the quantum flux, the zero point field, and increasing the probability that the quantum and molecules line up in a more beneficial order.  And how do we do that?

By intent, imagination,and expectation.

To research any of these healing modalities, please see, or any other quantum based theory of change 

We intend, we imagine and we expect. 

If we expect that inflation will rise, then the Phillip’s Curve tells us that people will lose their jobs.  If we expect that we will hate tomorrow, then we will experience bad times in the future. 

If we are told over and over again that we are headed for the worst economic times since the Great Depression, that we are headed into a huge recession, and if the news media, our politicians and our water-cooler chat enforces these negative predictions, then indeed we will create harder times ahead.  

How can we avoid this?  By creating happier times, instead.  Find blessings in your life to enjoy.  Laugh often and love deeply.  Search for the jewels that exist in your life each day.  Bask in the sun.  Delight in the chirping of birds.  Savor the food you eat.  Love yourself with all your heart.

And avoid the harbingers of doom.  Don’t dwell in the negative outlook that permeates our lives today.  Have compassion for those who are suffering, and pray forcomfort to find them.  Reach toward the light and do not embrace the dark. Try with all of your might to see the end of the tunnel, and the current situation as part of a journey. 

Expecting the worst is dooming yourself to experience the worst. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Expect the best and make that your self-fulfilling prophecy.