Singing the World’s Song

In my dreams last night, I recognized that part of my role was to sing.  The particular story that I sang was the history of a beautiful princess.  Her health was fading and so was her mood.  She didn’t want to be sick, or be on her way to death.  But somehow the song that I sang calmed and soothed her.  It was a long song, more of a poem set to music.  It started out with the feel of the “Circle of Life,” and then merged into the feel of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” both from The Lion King
As I sang this song, both the Princess and her lover moved from a feeling of despair to a feeling of pride and hope.  They were good people who were not disappearing from the world; rather, they were becoming immortal.  Their story was changed to one of hope.  It was oriented toward the future, not the past.
And as I sang their song, as their perspective changed, the World healed.
 I believe that they were blindly following the path of despair, because to them their story seemed to be one of despair.  But upon hearing the beauty of their song, they realized the beauty of all existence, and their part in a larger whole.  They also stopped fearing the transitions ahead, and knew that whatever happened, they would be safe.
Can we apply this to our World today?  I think we can.  Sing the songs of and hope.  find the passion, love and hope, even when you fear the worst.  Conspire with your soul to strive for the light and banish the dark.